About Us



For the past 30 years Bismark has been lending money to provide private financing for the construction of single-family homes. We began with a mortgage lending license from Washington State, working from an office in Lynnwood, Washington. We financed our business with a line of credit made available by a local retired businessman. Our programs focused on equity loans and lines of credit designed to be used by local construction contractors. 

Over time, we recognized there was a market for home construction loans not being served by institutional lenders, and began to establish a larger lending footprint. The programs were also refined to focus on ground up construction of single family homes. 

Bismark is now located in Bellevue, Washington, lending in 12 states. All of our loans are retained by our company, serviced and lending from our own funds.

The average tenure of the members of the Bismark team is over 21 years. From the intake department to underwriting, from document closing to loan servicing and fund disbursement, Bismark has a deep understanding of the construction lending and building process. Their collective knowledge is a direct result of their dedication to our company and to the service we provide.